How to Create a Miniature Garden


Today we will talk a little bit about miniature gardens. I was searching form a totally other thing and I “stumbled” on some pictures with amazing miniature gardens made in flower pots. At first, it’s better to know that this miniature gardens planted in a pot or other container, are designed to resist outside in the sun or rain. For this it’s better to use real small plants, which have a very slow growth rate. Some plants can grow up to 15 cm in a year, while others do not exceed 2 cm. These masterpieces are kept very well over time, up to 8 years without needing too much care besides watering the plants.



You can create miniature gardens also in broken plant pots. A broken clay flower pot can be resurrected for a new life as a landscaped miniature garden scene. You can also “store” this little garden indoors or out, depending on the plants you choose. So, just take a little pick at the pictures bellow and let your imagination run wild and create your very own miniature garden flower pot.
























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  • Doris Connor on said:

    I would really appreciate a resource for the materials used in these miniature gardens.

    I love them and want to make some. Also a list of plants that work.

    Thanks, Doris Connor

    • I love this web site. You will be abe to find furniture, animals, benches etc. and beautiful mini. trees and plants. I have ordered from them and never been dissapointed.
      Happy minniature gardening

    • slender on said:

      miniature garden so delicate, but beautiful, i think time to create miniature garden in my small terrace…. thnx for this informative, and creative idea..

    • Linda Ann on said:

      Hi Doris,
      At, you will find miniature accessories, fairy houses, fairies, and miniature plants that will be shipped to your house. On our shop you will find helpful blog tips, examples of fairy gardens, and how-to videos. We are a Wisconsin greenhouse that has been in business for 35 years.
      Linda Ann

    • Frances on said:

      In eastern North Carolina, try the Joann Craft shops in area malls. Also, I have seen most of these miniatures in Big Lots.

  • The planter in the middle of the second row of the top 6 planters is mine. If you are interested in purchasing a kit for that garden you may do so on my Etsy Shop. Laughing Orange Studio.

  • Janet Hartje on said:

    I really like the pot with the bird houses and bench seat. I am trying to figure out the best way to cut a pot like that one. I don’t think that pot just broke like that, it looks like it was cut. Any suggestions?

  • designer on said:

    It’s not hard, was send us by a reader .. Show me the source and is our pleasure to credit and put the source for all photos.

  • rose myrtle on said:

    this is awesome I plan on doing this, you can get alot of the minitures from amazon, I found some there, I seen some of those little mini houses at the thrift but couldnt figure out what would I do with it, now I know if they are still there will get them. I am thinking of making a beach scene with wild horses and lighthouses since I have some of these already, will have to get much smaller horses. maybe a few gulls or pelicans if I can find them, will need sand too. this is just to neat of an idea not to incorp them in my yard I have 3 acres by the way so I have no problem with implementing a thousand ideas.

  • This is so sweet. It’s been a bear of a winter here in my neck of the woods and these little wonderland hideaways look so inviting. Where can I buy those cookies that made Alice shrink?

  • Barbara on said:

    Michael’s currently (8/2014) has 7 piece fairy garden kits on sale for $11.99 (originally $29.99).
    JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby also carry a wonderful line of fairy garden accessories but they are only carried in the stores in the early Spring. The various pieces can be pricey but they always reduce them down to 70-80% off (be patient and watch the newspaper) as it’s always worth the wait!
    One of the garden sets on this site (third from the bottom) is available online through Collections, Etc ($18.99 plus shipping).

  • Barbara on said:

    Michael’s also has numerous individual miniature fairy garden accessories (mushrooms, gnomes, fairy doors, etc) for very reasonable prices ($2.99 and up). Use the 40% off weekly coupon for additional savings!

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