Create a Tiny Terrace for Upper Floor Apartments with ‘Volet végétal”


Barreau&Charbonnet came up with a framework that has three pivoted container holders positioned within. Into these are placed plastic window boxes, each containing a layer of clay balls and another of loam, and then topped by mesh that the plants will grow through for harvesting. Barreau & Charbonnet told that “gravity and the weight of containers keep the crops horizontal.

Steel stays are secured in the window frame and strings and pulleys are used to raise and lower the structure like a drawbridge.


”Volet végétal” is a project that we thought for a Parisian design contest “Jardin Jardin” as an industrial product for people who are living in apartment deprived of gardens and balcony. Users have just to plug the structure on the outside of their windows. Horizontal position to enlarge a green view on the city land by trying to go further from the facade of the building and get more ornamental stand for plant. Vertical to create a shutter of light, a filter for green air and also for an easy garden upkeeping.”


Hanging-grow-box-heads-2 Hanging-grow-box-heads-3


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