Creative DIY Way To Hide A Litterbox


Keeping your cat’s litterbox where everyone can see it is not very aesthetic. If only there was an elegant way to hide this box and mask it somehow. This cool litterbox closet is a lovely project that every cat owner should know more about. To hide your kittens litterbox, simply transform an old piece of furniture into a stylish hiding place. A drawer with a lower shelf would be ideal, as you can open that part any time and let your kitty use its toilet. You can transform an old drawer into a new one in just a few steps. Simply choose a nice color of paint and apply it to your drawer. Let it dry and place the litterbox inside the furniture. Make sure you show your cat where its box is and then after using it, clean the litterbox and close the door. This messy place will be you and your cat’s little secret as no one will suspect what’s inside the drawer.

source: Unusually Lovely

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