8 Creative Ideas on How to Recycle Old Cars

With every passing year, your new bought car is losing value. If you too have one or a few old cars whose technical parts you sold and got left with the body work, there is a variety of creative ideas you could use. The re-uses DIY projects provided here are for many tastes. Take the Volkswagen van turned to desk if you want to improve the look and creativity of the office. The back end of a Beetle can be transformed into a handy attach for your motorcycle. Re-using your old car as a creative planter or a piece of outdoor decoration for your garden is a definitely simple and a sure path to upgrading the aesthetics. If you want extravagance, you can always choose to use a piece of your old car as a chicken coop! Check out the entire collection before deciding what to do.

1. Motorcycle and Bike Reuse … All in one.. How-to-Recycle-Old-Cars-1

2. VW Turned Into A Planter



3. VW turned into a office desk How-to-Recycle-Old-Cars-4

4. Old car turned into a Horse-drawn vehicle How-to-Recycle-Old-Cars-5

5. The Car Chicken Coop

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