Creative Recycling – Tutorial Using Plastic Bottle


We’ve just came across some really nice material about how to make yourself new things by recycling. See for yourself how great it is to come up from waste material with a necessary thing that makes a wonderful organizer. So here are the steps for making one of your own. Use a tube of cardboard (large – from self-adhesive film, thin – from foil for baking). Cut it into pieces with a metal saw. This won’t be an easy job, but it’s worth it, we promise you. Then take a wooden cutting board in the shape of a circle. Use acrylic black paint from a container. The process of painting and drying took us a few days since it was necessary to carefully paint over everything twice. We also used the cardboard backing from a wide tape. When it is done, here you can put small objects (eraser, flash cards, etc.). Paint this too. We didn’t know at first what the final outline and decoration will be, try organizing it in different shapes to see which one you like best. We used the colors – copper, silver, red and gold, also acrylic paint. Below you can see the final line-up. The cat ornament inspired us to create the next design on the tubes. Then start making the bottom, it will be carved out of black cardboard circles. When it is dried just glue the bottom of these circles and the bottom of the cardboard and stick them together. After one day, apply the adhesive again, only at the very bottom to attach the tube to the round-cardboard basis. In the final step you can cover the whole with a top coat of transparent acrylic and that is all.

Source : Breslo


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