Creative Rubik’s Battenburg Cake


This next cake has a really cool design, as it resembles a Rubik’s cube, but it’s taste is also pretty amazing. The secret of a Rubik’s cube lies in its timelessness, as it is still a very popular toy nowadays. So why not make a cake that looks exactly like it. The recipe of the edible Rubik’s cake is the following: butter, sugar, flour, food coloring. The emphasis is on the food coloring as you will need several colors in order to recreate the look of the cube. To see the full list of supplies, take a look at the link below where you will also find detailed instructions on how to make the cake. It is important to have patience when assembling the cube and to use a crème between the pieces in order to hold them together. At the end you will cover the whole cake with a layer of fondant so everything will hold in place. Your children and family are going to love this cool cake with a retro-feel. Check out the recipe on the Instructables.


Rubik’s Battenburg Cake by Stasty ( Instructables)

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