Creative Tea Coffee Cup Set


You will drink coffee or tea with much more grace from a nicely decorated cup than a plain plastic one. Sure, the trend nowadays is having a drink on the go in those carton or plastic containers, never guessing if you’ll burn your lips on the hot liquid or not. But when you invite someone over, you wouldn’t serve them some tea or coffee from a plastic cup. That’s too impersonal, and dare I say, kind of rude. These are just a couple of the reasons you would want your mugs to be creative as much as possible.
Whether you opt for the simpler hand-painted moustache or lips, or the much complicated jeans design, you will surely turn some frowns upside down; and that’s even before you had the chance to talk about issues with your friends. Alternatively, you could buy some intricate stylish decorated cup sets; try the peacock coffee cup or the dolphin template. Sure there will be some kitschy models but some hipster as well, like the one made out of a photo lens or the one with a cat face on it or a mini guitar as a handle. Choose the one you think best suits you and the mood you want to create whenever you pop out the five o’clock tea or coffee.

Claybox Hand Crafted Porcelain Enamel Graceful Peacock Tea Coffee Cup Set with Saucer and Spoon




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  1. exclusivelane says:

    The tea and coffee cups can be a great option to set the mood for party. You can enjoy the party in the best manner with these tea and coffee cups.

  2. Ella says:

    Where can I get a less expensive one I love the flower design and we are having a baby shower for my BF and out theme is tea party

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