Creatively Functional Furniture Fascinated with Great Design Inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence


Here is something for those of you who remember the Fibonacci Sequence from math classes (where each number is the sum of the previous two numbers) and also for those who don’t but still are fascinated with great design.  It turns out that there are many practical ways to use the matter than we initially learned. China’s Guangzhou based architecture and design studio Utopia developed this creatively functional furniture item named Fibonacci Cabinet, inspired  from the Math principles of Fibonacci.


The Fibonacci cabinet was also inspired by the traditional Chinese medical storage. What resulted is an sophisticated and functional piece of furniture, with seven storage units, each with a size “according to” the Fibonacci sequence: a big cabinet on the top (550mm x 550mm), five drawers (340mm, 210mm,130mm,80mm,50mm in length and width respectively) and a base of a table on the bottom, which can be used independently. The user can join the wooden storage boxes as he wants, making this a fun and flexible project.









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  2. Osun Thyruss says:

    Love the design and great to see such a simple yet universal formula at its heart. Personally, I would finish off the gap-toothed look with a wooden block that continues the design spiraling inward on its surface.

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