Crocheted Nest Has Kept Hornets Away for Years

Sandy Davis found an ingenious way to keep a hornets’ nest safe from predators and avoided spraying it with harmful pesticides that can have an impact on birds too.
Her idea came after reading an article about hornets and wasps being very tied to their territories and avoid building nests close to each other. She decided to crochet a nest that looks just like one build by wasps and managed to trick the hornets into thinking that the territory is already occupied.
The nest has been in place for 4 years now and hadn’t had a single visit from any hornet since and her patio is safe and sound. If you are not a fan of crocheting but have troubles with wasps and hornets, then you can always order a ready-made fake wasp nest from Etsy.
You can choose from different sizes, according to your needs. Such a great and easy idea to solve a troubling issue.

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