Crafter Crochets an Entire Aquarium With Sea Life That Looks Like It’s Really Swimming

Aquariums need a lot of care and attention, so they are not for everyone. But what if you would still love to have some colorful fish in your home?
Well, Lindadi from Lindadi Creations came up with an adorable solution by crocheting the nicest sea creatures and they can find their place right in your home. Since Lindadi herself had some unpleasant experiences with her fish dying, she decided to set up an aquarium full of crocheted fish, coral, and clam, all made with the amigurumi technique.

This type of crocheting originated in Japan and it refers to the art of making crocheted stuffed dolls. To make her underwater creatures look true to life, Lindadi used Google images and YouTube videos as an inspiration and piece by piece assembled the aquatic life. She then suspended her dolls in the aquarium, using only nylon thread, which makes everything look like it is floating.
Since Lindadi received a lot of praise after posting her amigurumi aquarium on social media, lots of people kept asking whether they can buy the pieces for their home.
This does not seem to be an option for Lindadi soon, but anyone interested can still find the tutorial of how to make their crochet aquarium on her page, Le Creazioni di Lindadi.

Lindadi of Lindadi Creations filled an aquarium with crocheted amigurumi fish, clams, coral, and more.

Clear thread is used to suspend her crocheted creatures while simultaneously creating the illusion that they’re swimming.

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