Cute Sock Snowmen


This next project is quite and easy one as you will need some basic things that you probably already have at home. You will learn how to make a snowmen out of a sock. You will need a pair of longer socks. When you have the socks just cut off the top of it, where the foot is. Turn it inside out and put a rubber band on the top of it. Turn out the sock again and place rice in it. Pay attention when you fill the sock, your snowmen needs to be rounded. Place a rubber band on the top of the sock and one at the middle, so you get the shape of the snowmen. Then comes the fun part, the decorating. Put a scarf on your snowmen, add a nose and eyes from buttons and place the part of the sock, that you cut off on the head of the snowmen, to look like a cap. Looks cute, doesn’t it?
More details and intructions below..

Cute Sock Snowmen – Dark room and dearly

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