Cutting-Edge Pet Water Fountain Has a 10-Liter Reservoir and a Multi-Stage Filtration System

Would you drink water out of a glass that’s been sitting on the table for 5-6 hours? Probably not. So, why should your pet have to drink water from a bowl that’s been left standing for hours on end? Like a stagnant glass of water, traditional pet bowls can become breeding grounds for bacteria, requiring frequent cleaning and refills. Enter the LALAHOME DailyFresh™ Eco-System pet fountain, designed to revolutionize pet hydration by ensuring that your pets not only drink fresh water but also water that has been appropriately filtered. This cutting-edge pet fountain boasts a significant 10-liter reservoir, drastically reducing the frequency of refills and providing a continuous supply of clean, fresh water for up to two weeks. Ideal for busy pet owners, this system ensures your pet’s hydration needs are met even when you’re not around.

The LALAHOME DailyFresh goes beyond traditional pet water fountains by integrating a state-of-the-art multi-stage filtration system. The 5-layer RealPura filtration process removes impurities ranging from pet hair to heavy metals, while an integrated UVC light eliminates bacteria and other pathogens. The innovative OxygenZ technology enhances water flow, making the water oxygen-rich and more appealing to pets, particularly cats who prefer moving water. Additionally, the fountain’s sleek, Brutalist-inspired design features dual spouts and waste water diversion for growing cat grass, aiding in your pet’s digestive health. Equipped with a smartphone app, the DailyFresh allows pet owners to monitor water levels, track their pet’s water intake, and control the dispenser remotely. This ensures that your furry friends always have access to the best drinking water, promoting their health and well-being with minimal effort from you.

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