Thriving Garden in Sealed Bottle Hasn’t Been Watered in Over 40 Years

David Latimer is a curious man, so he decided to plant a seed in a bottle on Easter Sunday back in 1960 and follow its development. Little did he know that the seed would spread and fill the inside of a bottle with lush greenery and a micro garden. What is even more unbelievable about this story is that Latimer last watered the plants in 1972 and they keep flourishing even now. Latimer first started with adding some compost material to the bottle and then used wire to add a spiderworts seeding which he sprinkled with water. He then sealed the bottle and found a sunny corner for it to rest and let the sunlight do its magic. After being sealed in 1972, a tiny self-sufficient ecosystem developed inside the bottle and it flourished all thanks to sunlight. In the process of photosynthesis, plants can grow absorbing sunlight and the moisture that has been building up inside the waterfed the ecosystem for decades. It is truly incredible how nature can flourish even in the most isolated environment and how it finds a way to provide for itself when needed.

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