De Markies: A Temporary Living On Wheels


When you think about minimalistic design, it’s not often that mobile home pops into mind. This is the case of De Markies, an award-winning `home on wheels` which blends the freedom of moving to any lake side with the comfort of an all-size (yet modest) residence. With a size of 2 by 4.5 meters on the road, the mobile home almost triples in width while positioned in the desired place of camping. The vehicle opens up its sides, just like a flower, and gives you an extra room for sleeping and one for lounging or as the designer suggests – for fishing. Each of these rooms is covered with 2 sets of thick plastic foil, one transparent and the other non-transparent. It makes an evening on the `patio` much more relaxing and the night sleeping much more secluded. With more that 30 years since its conception (the design was originally made public in 1985), this version of a mobile home should be much more popular than it is nowadays. If you have the desire and opportunity to acquire such a vehicle, opt for The Awning (De Markies in translation). You won’t regret it!





A project developed by Böhtlingk architectuur

5 Responses to “De Markies: A Temporary Living On Wheels”

  1. Kathy Lulay says:

    What do these cost ?

  2. Rhonda Kent says:

    Where can I find one of your campers. And what is the average price?
    Thanks, Rhonda

  3. Tom says:

    How much does cost?

  4. Carol Dunlop says:

    Please can you advise cost and approximate freight to New Zealand. Main Port is Auckland.
    Thank you.

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