Decorative Leaf Pie Crusts


Cooking during the cold seasons could prove not so creative as in the summer or spring. That’s if you didn’t come across this awesome tutorial! We will show just how cool a piece of pie can be decorated in order to catch up on the handicap installed by the weather differences. The Pie Crust Cutters in particular can help you a lot in the process of fashioning a lovely piece of dessert. Be careful though, the result is so pretty, you would want to eat all of it before actually serving the pie to your guests, friends or family. So, if you can resist this step, you are on your way to making the prettiest pie of the season. Bake according to the instructions and decorate with love. We assure you the leaf shapes will have an impressively beautiful effect on not only the aspect but also the taste of the dessert. Enjoy!

Layered Leaves Pie Crust Cut-Outs

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Layered-Leaves-Pie-Crust-1 Layered-Leaves-Pie-Crust-3 Decorative Leaf Pie Crusts – Recipe

Layered-Leaves-Pie-Crust-2 An Autumn Leaf-Trimmed Pie Crust – Recipe

source : bronzebakery

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