Designers Created An Ingenious Bed For Cat Owners

Having a pet comes with a lot of fun and cuddles, but sometimes the work schedule just doesn’t match with your pet’s. If your cat is active at night, and all you wish for is a good night’s rest then this smart bed frame can come in handy.
The Colombian brand named CatLife designed a clever bed frame, called Gatrimonial bed, that is both for humans and pets. The frame is made from wood and looks like a classical bed frame, but it has a twist on the bottom in the shape of decorative holes. The holes are not there only for decor, but also for your furry little friend that will have access to a labyrinth inside the frame. The holes are strategically placed there so your cat can enter and exit the maze and play until it gets tired, while you’re sleeping in your cozy bed.

The concept of the design is to create a product that is perfect for cat owners and creates a calm space for humans and felines as well. Since cats love hiding places, this is the perfect space for them to chill and feel safe, while also staying close to their humans, who enjoy a relaxing time in their bed.

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3 Responses to “Designers Created An Ingenious Bed For Cat Owners”

  1. PawsToDream says:

    I love this idea!! 🙂 I think the only thing that would make it better is having the mattress on a Murphy bed platform so it can be easily lifted to clean the area underneath or remove a kitty hiding from a vet visit.:)

  2. lois barnett says:

    good luck getting your cat out of there quickly in case of a fire!

  3. Diane Vezina says:

    This bed is such a clever idea!!! My cat(s) would use this 24/7! It would be a great place of comfort for when its storming outside or it’s a holiday with fireworks etc that always hurt animals ears while frightening them! I need one!! Sign me up!!

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