DeskBeds: Solutions for small rooms


For decades, influential people around the world tell us how we will one day be able to easily work from home. Now, with the ingenuity of Murphy Desk Beds, you can literally sleep on your office desk. The creative piece of furniture you can see in the picture is a statement for design and functionality. In a matter of minutes, you can hide the desk away (with all of the supplies and laptop still on it!) and pull a comfortable bed down for a quick nap or a well-deserved over night sleep. The slick black color and the nice surface of the wood make it perfect for your living/bedroom/office space. No one will know that your desk will transform into a cozy napping space whenever you want to, as it easily blends in the surroundings of a living area (with the help of a couple of vases and plants). With this awesome bed-desk you will save a lot of space and make the „dream” of working at home quite feasible.


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  1. Dione Markette says:

    cool site. thanks for sharing us.

  2. sam says:

    Where can I buy the first pictured Murphy bed?

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