DIY Adorable Chickens made from gourds!


Would you have every believed that these DIY pieces are made from dried gourds? Well, you better believe it because you are going to learn how to make them. The cute chicken decorations are perfect for your backyard, garden or even the kitchen. Just imagine a space with a few colorful little pieces like these! They also make good conversation starters and might also be responsible for bringing you a smile early in the morning. In order to turn this idea into reality, you will need the following materials: dried gourds, some acrylic paint (any color you prefer), polymer clay and clear matte varnish spray. Grab your hot glue gun, a pencil and some paintbrushes, and good luck!





Here you can find a complete Guide to Cleaning and Preparation these Chicken Gourds



These chickens are made from a dried gourds, hand painted with bright acrylic paints and sealed with clear acrylic sealant….by Suzy.  More details here…

10 Responses to “DIY Adorable Chickens made from gourds!”

  1. Leticia Toraci says:

    I can’t find the guide for preparation of the chickens.

    • Kristy says:


      Wash the gourd and let it dry and then paint it all over with a paint primer. Then paint your base color. Not much to it.

  2. Arlene Pea says:

    Do you have scrape the insides out of the gourd? Dehydrate it in the oven? Or some other way

    • Ida Kennedy says:

      You do not have to scrape out the insides unless you want to open the gourd up. Just get a gourd that is completely dry. It will be very light and you will hear seeds rattling inside. It will be a brown color all over. If it has mold on the outside, that is ok. It will wash off with a little soap and water and a scrubbie. The gourd is fine as long as it feels solid. Do not try to dry it in the oven. Let it dry naturally outside.

  3. Jean Slaughter says:

    What is the comb’s & beak made out of and what did you use to attach them to the gourd with?

    • David says:

      The materials list includes polymer clay. It’s available at craft stores in a variety of colors and it will stick to the gourd as it dries.

  4. Francine says:

    Gonna make one

  5. Debra Hopkins says:

    Is there any instructions on how to do these cute chickens? I cant find it lol. I would love to make them but I need instructions. Thank you.

  6. Vickie says:

    If you go to Susie’s Sitcom you can find the instructions there or purchase one from her etsy store. She is the originator of the design.

  7. J. Rydeen says:

    I absolutely love these chickens! You are so talented!

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