DIY Adorable Diaper Babies


Organizing a successful baby shower is a hard task and may come with a lot of stressful moments. So if this task is your responsibility, make sure to gather as many great baby shower ideas in time, so you won’t get lost in the organizing process. This cute tutorial of adorable diaper babies will be a real day-saver. The idea is pretty simple and you will only need: diapers, pins, black marker, a wash cloth and baby socks. Start by rolling the diaper to create the body of the baby. Use a pin to secure the diaper roll and draw the eyes of the baby, using the black marker. Fold the wash cloth, so you get a triangle shape and cover the body of the “baby” with it. Tuck at the ends and roll a baby sock to create a cute hat for the baby’s head. You can create several diaper-dolls, with different sizes and colors, as they will surely bring a smile on your friend’s face at the baby shower. Check out more “Diaper Projects” here…



How To Make Adorable Diaper Babies – …the details

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    Perfect for baby shower ideas. Thanks for this!

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