DIY Affordable Swing for Your Chickens To Keep Them Entertained

Creating a swing for your chickens can be a delightful and functional addition to your coop, providing both entertainment and exercise for your feathered friends. To start, gather the necessary supplies: a drill, level, and optionally a yarn needle, hand saw, rope, branches, wooden beads, sandpaper, and eye hooks. The cost of these materials can vary, with a total investment ranging between $7 to $30. The construction process typically takes between 10 to 30 minutes, making it a quick and rewarding project.

Begin by selecting a sturdy branch or piece of wood as the swing’s perch. Ensure that it is appropriately sized for your chicken coop and has been sanded down to prevent any splinters. Use the drill to create two small holes on each end of the branch, ensuring they are wide enough to thread the chosen rope through. If you’re feeling creative, consider adding wooden beads to the rope for an extra touch of flair. Next, decide on the optimal location within the coop to hang the swing. Use a level to ensure that it is positioned evenly, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for your chickens. If your coop lacks suitable anchor points, you can install eye hooks securely into the walls or ceiling to suspend the swing. Finally, tie the rope securely to the eye hooks, adjusting the length to achieve a comfortable height for your chickens to swing freely. With the construction complete, sit back and watch as your feathered companions enjoy their new perch, providing both entertainment and exercise in the confines of their coop.

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