DIY Awesome Grapes Beads


Having your decor improved by a touch of plants or fruits is something simple to achieve, but a constant preoccupation as plants need watering and fruit need replacing after a short time. Opting for a plastic alternative is neither attractive nor contemporary. We got a surprisingly creative solution. This unique craft takes patience and a degree of skill handling small items. The end-result is definitely one that impresses from the very first sight! So this tutorial will show you all you need to know about making a cluster of grape out of beads. For this you will need small blue or green beads, a thin wire (for weaving), a thick wire (for the skeleton leaves and stem), some filler (wool, thread, sintepon) and other sort of materials like plaster, paint, a pot, some pebbles. Follow the guide from the next website and with patience you are able to make a similar pot of grapes. The resemblance to the real ones is remarkable!


Bunch of grapes from beads – Biser

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