DIY Basil Mosquito Spray


Are mosquitoes bothering you? Nice weather doesn’t come only with good things. One downside of the warm temperature outside are the mosquitoes, that appear suddenly. Do you know that annoying thing, when you try to sleep at night, but a mosquito enters the room and your quiet sleep is disturbed? To end the terror of these small insects, you can use all kinds of products that can be found in stores. But some of them have a high content of chemicals that can affect our health in a negative way. So the wise choice would be, to make a homemade mosquito spray. To do this, you will need:

• 1 cup of basil leaves (fresh);
• 10 drops of basil essential oil;
• half a cup of boiling water;
• half a cup of vodka;
• a container;
• a spray bottle;


Use a glass container to make the spray in it. Place the basil leaves inside and add the boiling water on top of them. Leave the mixture to steep for 3-4 hours. Remove the leaves from the container and squeeze them in order to get the liquid they contain. Pour the liquid in a spray bottle and add the vodka. After that add the essential oil, this part is optional, but your spray will have a nicer and stronger smell. Shake the bottle and apply the spray on your body in places where you usually get bit by the mosquitoes. The basil will keep them away and you will have a quiet night sleep.


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