DIY Beautiful Giant Circular Rug


The breezy weather of autumn is closely setting in your home. In order to prepare for this situation, here is a simple and creative DIY project which will effectively bring (or keep) some coziness in your home. This is achieved by turning 7.5 lbs. of wool into a comfy rug. Don’t worry if you aren’t an expert in the crocheting world, the tutorial will get you through the process. Even though the project is handmade, you will still require a stitch holder to mark the end of each round and wool roving. To learn more about the precise steps you can watch the video provided. But in the end, the result will be the same: a giant comfortable circular crochet rug for your home!

2 Responses to “DIY Beautiful Giant Circular Rug”

  1. Durenda Davila says:

    Thank you for the instructions hopefully I’ll make a big rug thank you again

  2. vicky maple says:

    Where would I get the yarn at to do this rug?

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