DIY Bike Rim Trellis


There are so many ways you could help the environment and also help yourself in the process. Today, we suggest you try and make a rim trellis for your garden with a couple of bike rims which you grab from a recycled bike. If you wonder what a garden trellis is, will describe it as a structure that helps support plants. It allows different kind of plants to grow in a certain position tied to a trellis or climb properly on the structure if that’s the case. Now, to make this DIY bike rim trellis, you will need the following:

• two recycled bike rims;
• wire;
• garden twine;
• upright metal bar;



To make such a device is an easy task you will be done with it in only one afternoon. Use the bar to connect the pair of bike rims together. With one end stuck in the ground, begin tying wire and/or garden twin from one rim to the other. Make sure they are tight, because the structure shouldn’t come apart at the first blow of the wind. And finally, place the plants at the base of each wire. They will grow nicely upward and you will feel so proud seeing you recycled and cared for your garden.







  • RoBear on said:

    Suggestion on the pot rack. Put the S hooks through the spoke holes and crimp this end. This way the hooks do not come off when you take down a pot/pan. Make sure the open end is facing out.

  • Andee Zimmerman on said:

    What a great idea!! You could use this in the vegetable garden, peas or green beans or in a flower garden (think moon flowers/morning glories). Thank you for posting this idea!

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