DIY Black Angry Birds Hat (Free Crochet Pattern)


Even though spring is about to… spring from the snowy land, the weather isn’t quite as warm as we would like, especially for our little ones. What happens when your kid doesn’t like to wear those thick clothes that will offer them warmth even though the Sun can be seen smiling up above? You take some fun game or character they like and turn it into a piece of clothing. The Black Angry Birds Hat crochet pattern will help with just that! On one hand you provide your child with the warmth he or she needs in this tricky weather and give them a reason to not take off the hat the instant you turn your back. The tutorial is quite easy to follow and the project is also quick to achieve. Feel confident to try and make an Angry Birds Hat like this one, even if you’re not experienced with yarn work. Just look at how adorable it looks and crochet away!


Free Crochet Pattern: Black Angry Birds Hat

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