DIY Bookcase Secret Door


Having a secret place in your home might come in handy. Not for hiding a treasure, but for finding peace and quiet when all your relatives are in for a visit. A more practical use is turning the door of your closet into a lovely bookcase. It’s quite a cheap DIY project, because of the use of inexpensive materials available at your local shop. There is some work to do, so make sure your weekend is free of any obligations. So, in order to make a wonderful bookcase like the one shown in the photos..

Step 1: The build

Sheet of 3/4″ smooth plywood
Sheet of 1/2 plywood
Lazy susan
Long bolt and washers for top pivot point
Misc. trim /spacer wood
Rubber wheel 6″
Wood glue
Trim to match house
Gate latch with fishing string and special book for secret opener.






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