DIY Boot Dryer


Drying your wet boots can give you some headaches, especially if you need them the next day. As boots are usually made from thick and resistant material, once they get wet the drying time will seem an eternity. But not anymore, as this next clever hack is going to show you how to dry your boots in a quick and efficient way. You will only need a hair dryer and a set of PVC pipes to create your own boot dryer. You can practically use this homemade dryer for different clothing items or shoes, but let’s focus on your boots first. Build the structure as shown in the pictures and use glue to fix the PVC pipes together. Connect the hair dryer in the final step and place the ends of the pipes inside your boots. So clever and simple!



four, 2″elbows
two, 2″ T’s
one, 2″ Y
one, 2″ fernco ci/plastic/copper/steel to ci/plastic/copper/steel
and at least 3 feet of 2 inch PVC pipe

Cutting and assembly




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