DIY Button Monogram Art Tutorial


One of the most flexible art supplies are buttons, as there are plenty of art projects you can do by using them. From sewing, crocheting to decorating different art pieces, buttons can be a key element when you get crafty. If you have a box full of buttons, you can make yourself a beautiful wall piece, like those from this tutorial. You will need: lots of buttons (different sizes), a piece of board or canvas, a pattern for your piece of art, pencil, fabric and hot glue gun. Start by fixing the canvas onto the board, you can use pins or staples to secure it on the back side. Then place the pattern on the middle of the fabric and trace it with a pencil. The easiest pattern would be a letter, for instance your initials. Fill the pattern with lots of buttons and fix them with glue. Your art piece is done now. All there is left for you to do is hang it on the wall.


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