This DIY Camper Van Is an Affordable Tiny Home With a Snug Interior and a Pull-Out Garage

Abby’s DIY camper van, crafted from a 2015 Ford Transit, stands out as a testament to the possibility of achieving a comfortable and well-equipped tiny home on a budget. While the base vehicle cost around $28,000, the conversion budget, initially planned at $7,500, only slightly surpassed expectations, totaling $9,000. Abby’s resourcefulness shines through as she utilizes upcycled materials, showcasing an economical approach to interior design. Stealth camping in urban environments becomes feasible with the unassuming exterior, painted in a standard white finish. Solar panels discreetly adorn the roof, emphasizing sustainability. Upon entering, a thoughtfully designed interior unfolds, primarily featuring wood elements.

The kitchen, located near the van’s entrance, cleverly integrates a dual-burner stove and a sink repurposed from an industrial-size coffee maker. While the sink may be petite, Abby’s ingenuity in maximizing space includes a gray water tank beneath the counter and a propane locker for the stove. The multifunctional exterior doors, serving as tables when opened, contribute to the overall efficiency of the compact living space. The camper’s living area showcases a well-organized seating space, complete with a bench, swivel table, overhead cabinet, and a shelf.

Storage solutions abound, with drawers and cabinets underneath the countertop and overhead compartments above the bedroom. The bedroom, located at the rear, boasts an almost-queen-size bed, a customized foam mattress, and ample storage options. Abby’s unique touch lies in the garage, a standout feature of the van, offering copious storage space with a slide-out tray for her bike and a shelving unit for tools and gear. The electrical system, comprising lithium batteries, a powerful inverter, and solar panels, underscores the van’s self-sufficiency. Despite lacking a fixed bathroom, Abby’s ingenuity and practical choices result in a cozy and functional mobile home that proves comfort doesn’t always demand a hefty budget.


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