This DIY Camper Van Is an Affordable Tiny Home With a Snug Interior and a Pull-Out Garage

Abby’s DIY camper van, crafted from a 2015 Ford Transit, stands out as a testament to the possibility of achieving a comfortable and well-equipped tiny home on a budget. While the base vehicle cost around $28,000, the conversion budget, initially planned at $7,500, only slightly ...

Garage Turned Into A Cozy Apartment

The main attribute of a garage is the large space that you have available for storing, either your car or other things. But when you take a closer look, with a bit of adjustments a garage can turn into a cute little apartment. Transforming your garage into an apartment will be a hard ...

Old Windows as Pictures Frames

Normally, old windows are stored in garages, lofts or thrown away. I’ll now present you a great way to show off your family in these old windows. Set them against the wall in different rooms and attach pictures on the back of the glass.
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