Garage Turned Into A Cozy Apartment


The main attribute of a garage is the large space that you have available for storing, either your car or other things. But when you take a closer look, with a bit of adjustments a garage can turn into a cute little apartment. Transforming your garage into an apartment will be a hard task, but with help from a professional team, this project can be completed by everyone. To give you an idea about your future garage-apartment and a bit of inspiration, take a closer look at the images below. The redesign was made by the architects from Fabre de Marien, a French team based in Bordeaux. What they managed to create, is extra space in the middle of a busy city. Giving the garage a new use meant, that the owner could use a piece of its own property without having to invest in extra space. The apartment is equipped with everything one can possibly need for a comfortable day-to-day living and a beautiful and modern interior design.





4 Responses to “Garage Turned Into A Cozy Apartment”

  1. Vinita Burts says:

    Fantastic site. Thanks what you are writing on this page.

  2. Interioridea says:

    wow!! really amazing love it!

  3. kenny says:

    Nice idea, but too cold and minimalistic for my taste.

  4. william b carlisle says:

    I love this , excellent use of space . Very clean

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