DIY Candy Christmas Tree


Making a Christmas tree from chocolate bars has never been this easy. The times when decorating your home for the holidays was a boring chore you had to, now you can make a fun activity of it all by mixing chocolate and a few tape. Here is what you need:

• an empty bottle of champagne or wine;
• a roll of tape;
• a pair of scissors;
• a lot small candy bars;
• colorful ribbon;

The first thing you will do is place a piece of tape on each of the candy bars you are going to put on the glass bottle. Begin sticking the candy bars from the bottom up, making sure the top of each candy touches the one next to it. Work your way towards the top of the bottle, gluing each row a bit off the one beneath it, so the bars won’t overlap. When you reach the top (you should have no more than 4 candy bars taped there), add a bow and some curled ribbon hanging from it. Enjoy your holiday decoration!

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  1. Adelė says:

    Hey, where did you get these candies?? I’ve been looking for them for ages!

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