DIY Canned Food Storage


Are those cans stacking in a non-creative way in the cabinet? Whenever you want to quickly grab one type of can, you have to go throw your entire stack? There is a clever DIY solution to this: the self-rotating racks. You will need a clear space on your wall and these materials:

• 1/4″ or thinner plywood;
• some L brackets;
• lots of screws;

First of all, make sure your various cans fit in each row you design. There’s nothing more annoying than having to rebuild your wooden storage unit all over again. The building process is fairly easy…







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5 Responses to “DIY Canned Food Storage”

  1. LBShipman says:

    Is that a french cleat?

  2. Randy says:

    not the best instructions. What is the angel on the wood at the bottom, how much space do you leave at the bottom when you place the top board.

  3. Rodger P says:

    Fantastic idea, so simple and yet it seems so obvious, how could anyone miss this,
    Well done and thank you.

  4. Darrell says:

    Works great, modified mine with the strips mounted to the wall cut at 45 degree angles on the tops and 45 degrees cleats mounted to the racks. That way, you change the racks out if, quickly, in needed. Thanks

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