Food Storage Container Organizer

Rev-A-Shelf can help restore some sanity with this unique storage solution. The food storage container is made with a sturdy dovetail construction, stylish chrome accent rails and Blumotion soft-close slides. Take back your cabinet space.

The Groundfridge: the best solution for off-grid food storage

Nowadays people have become overly dependent on modern appliances and would probably find it hard to imagine that they can refrigerate food and beverages without any electrical power. Floris Schoonderbeek is a designer and entrepreneur originally from the Netherlands. He developed ...

How To Create A Food Storage Supply For $5 Per Week

Food shortage is a real thing in most of the less developed countries. But even in States where food is abundant in supermarkets and stores, a natural disaster might find you left stranded from any fresh or any supply of food. With climate change a pressing issue every season, floods, ...

DIY Canned Food Storage

Are those cans stacking in a non-creative way in the cabinet? Whenever you want to quickly grab one type of can, you have to go throw your entire stack? There is a clever DIY solution to this: the self-rotating racks. You will need a clear space on your

DIY Food Storage Drying Rack

Growing your own food can be very rewarding .. Here we have a DIY Food Storage instructions: Includes free plans, a cut list and general instructions. Each level/drawer is well ventilated making this project ideal for long term storage.
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