DIY Caterpillar Cupcake


Seems like this summer the internet is full with great recipes for a children’s party. This one fits the description just well, as it is a cake shaped liked a caterpillar. When you think about a party, cakes are always involved somehow and in case of a children’s party a simple cake won’t be enough. So to make your child and all the little guests a nice surprise, you have to bake a caterpillar-shaped cake for the event. You won’t need to use a special pan as you will build the cake yourself. The main idea is to make lots of cupcakes and build the body of the caterpillar out of them. Then bake a smaller cake that will be the head of the creature. Simply use fondant to make the face and the legs of the caterpillar and that is all. Keep in mind that frosting will be your best friend during the process as the caterpillar will take shape thanks to it. Just use different nuances of food coloring, add them to the frosting and decorate your cupcakes to create a cute caterpillar. The children will love it and you will bring a huge smile on their faces with your creation.


The Hungry Caterpillar Cupcake Party Train – Instructions

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