DIY Cell Phone Case Out Of A Balloon


Nowadays pretty much everyone owns a smartphone. But having such a phone can be really frustrating sometimes. Just think about the times you accidentally dropped the phone and thought, “this is it, my phone is ruined” as the display can crack and then you would have to replace the phone. To avoid these situations, we found an easy tutorial that will teach you how to make a cellphone case out of a balloon. The case will protect your phone, keep the dirt away and it will look as nicely as a store-bough one. The whole process of making the phone case takes less than a minute and you will only need a single balloon. Inflate the balloon and instead of tying the neck, just hold it with your fingertips. Then slowly push you phone in the middle of the balloon and squeeze the air out. The balloon will cast on your phone and it will protect it. You can use an X-Acto knife to cut around the screen and make some finishing touches, so your phone case will be perfect at the end.



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