DIY Chestnut Animations


It’s autumn, the leaves are falling and you can find a lot of chestnuts on the streets. So this autumn we thought about a cute project, that is easy and can be done easily: chestnut people. It’s a perfect project for your kids and it seems handy on a rainy weekend when there is nothing else to do.
You will need: chestnuts, a hand drill, matches and a pen. If you think you are not good with handling a drill you should ask for some help. The fun part starts after you drilled the holes in the chestnuts.


You can create any shape you want, from little chestnut people, to animals and just anything else that comes to your mind. When you decide upon what you will create, you should use the matches to keep your chestnut people together. Using a pen, you can also draw a face for your chestnut doll and you can also decorate it with some dried flowers or even fruits, to add some color to it. It is a lovely DIY project, you should try it too. Lovely animations made by Alena Chovancová (big like).

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