DIY Chic Dog Sweater


When one of your sweaters looks old and worn out, don’t make the mistake of throwing it away. By searching on the internet, you will find a lot of cool DIY projects about recycling old clothes. Such as this next one, called: recycled dog sweater. The thing that’s great about it is that your dog will have a cute little sweater and won’t be cold this winter. To make the dog sweater, you will have to cut off the sleeve of your old blouse and follow the steps from the tutorial provided in the photos. Make sure to cut wholes for your dog’s little feet and the dog sweater will be ready. You can create such a sweater out of several shirts, so your little friend will have a sweater in every color and pattern possible. So cute! Now all you have to do is take some photos to brag to your friends with both your pet and your DIY skills.



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