DIY Christmas Gift Boxes


Christmas is undeniably a period of generosity, when gift giving is almost a daily practice. From the simplest of forms, like wishing someone a wonderful time of the year on a piece of card, to intricate and long-thought presents, offering someone dear a gift might be the normal behavior during the winter festivities. In order to make the act of giving easier and nicer looking, we reach out and suggest you a simple DIY project that will yield a beautiful result. The Christmas tree gift boxes are the perfect way through which you can make the day of a friend or a member of your family happier. Shaped like a pyramid, this particular type of gift box will prove useful in wrapping small to medium size well-picked products. Go through all the details of the tutorial and make sure you decorate the final result with beautiful details. And remember to have a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Alice says:

    Hi – I can’t find how to get to the tutorial for the DIY Christmas Gift Boxes – unless the photos are actually the tutorial. Please help. Sometimes your pages are very confusing to navigate.


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