DIY Clay Pot Horses

Sometimes it’s just amazing what creative a pair of hands can be. In this next trick from the DIY world, you will see how to improve the décor of your garden in a few simple steps. The project will result into cute and creative a garden pony or horse with clay pots. In order to make a similar sculpture like the one shown in the pictures, you will require these materials: for the legs – 16 pieces of 4″ pots, the body – 2 pieces of 10″ pots, neck – 2 azalea pots of 8″ azalea, and one 8″ regular pot for the face of the horse. Follow the instructions on the next website to find out how they all stick together; hint it requires a special kind of glue. The finishing touches are done by using twine and rope. Good luck decorating your garden with a few of these lovely DIY clay pot horses!

You’ll need:

Pot on right is holding the neck in proper position on face while glue sets.

J-B Weld – Use a bucket or blocks or whatever you have handy to hold the head/neck in the position you like while the glue dries.


8 Responses to “DIY Clay Pot Horses”

  1. Sandy Seibert says:

    How would you make them look like goats?

  2. Kelly says:

    This look very creepy without all the detailing. But after they’re complete with all the eyes and hair and other accessories, they look fantastic!

  3. Beverly says:

    Now I have inspiration for the tons of clay pots left over from when my greenhouse froze in an ice storm.

  4. Katie S. says:

    Do you have written instructions?

  5. dianna cole says:

    hi wanting to make one for my daughter to put in garden but wanting to get step by step instruction please

  6. Sue says:

    The body of the horse is staying together, after a lot of glue but I legs fall off no matter what I try. Any suggestions would be appreciated

  7. Rosalinda says:

    Can you please post the next website you don’t have it listed

  8. Marianne Desjardins says:

    I also need step by step instructions

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