DIY Cleaning Wipes (Workshop Hack)


Cleaning wipes are always useful to have around, as you can keep germs away and wipe them in a second. If you are a bit of a germofobe, you probably tend to use a lot of cleaning wipes which can be painful to your wallet. But this situation can easily change, as you can make your own cleaning wipes at home, saving a lot of money this way. Also, with the help of this tutorial you can always make yourself a set of wipes when you run out of them. You will need: Pine Sol (or any other cleaning product), paper towels and a plastic container. Cut an X in the lid of the container, so you can take out the wipes from there. Place the paper towel in the box and cut it in order to fit inside. Add the Pine Sol and fill only the bottom of the container, then take out the piece of cardboard from the center of the paper towel. Put on the lid of the plastic box and you can start using your home made cleaning wipes right away.


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