DIY Colorful Bookcase


When deciding to make your own decorations or furniture you have to bare one thing in mind: will it perform its function well at a low cost? If done properly, any DIY project will prove significantly cheaper than the version you can buy in the store and work just as well. The example of this colorful kids bookcase proves exactly this point. The DIY work is minimal as you only need some screwing together of the crates and their painting beforehand. Maybe you might want to use a different color on each crate in order to really set a nice mood for the entire room. After a few days of drying the coats of paint, you will assemble them according to the instructions and really start off the reading nook your kid always wanted. Be careful at the small details in the tutorial and you will have the same beautiful result as the one in the pictures. Good luck!


Big Girls Bookcase by What Does She Do All Day

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