DIY Colorful Lights Using Solar Lights And Jars


Turning your home into a space suited for evening events is something of a hard job. Especially if you are busy and active during the day, reserving nights for sleep, without many people around. We recommend you this easy to make solution, with which you can impress your guests with beautiful glow in the dark decorations. Improve the look of your terrace and also your living room. Here is how:

• solar powered LED lights;
• cans of frosting spray;
• clamp lid jars;
• towel or cloth;
• some popsicle sticks;
• different color glass paint;

Before starting the actual work on the project, put the jars in the fridge for about 1 hour. Clean the inside of the jar with the help of the cloth. Put each jar on a popsicle stick, which were individually placed on a piece of newspaper. Take the spray and color the outside of the jars. For extra creativity points, you could pain the LED light bulbs in a different color than the jar. Leave them to dry for a bit. Put the light inside and make sure they fully charge in a sunny spot, directly from the Sun. This evening, your interior design will look so beautiful, and you didn’t change any of the walls. Now, that’s a nice DIY trick!

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