DIY Convertible Step Stool And Chair


You should know creative pieces of furniture aren’t limited to Ikea stores or designer stores. The amount of impressive furniture you can build at home is amazing. Take this convertible step stool and chair as example and inspiration. The DIY project can easily be done by someone who knows what they’re doing with a router and a jig saw. Perfect for using it outdoors, the stool will prove handy for reaching high spaces and lounging any time else. So, without further a due, grab those tools mentioned previously, make sure you have wood glue and some screws and roll up your sleeves. Follow the instructions from the next video and good luck with your DIY convertible step stool and chair project!

Over the years, one of our most requested projects has been the step stool/chair. Readers have referred to it as a library chair, a convertible chair, a folding step chair, and a host of other things, but whatever they called it, the function was the same: a chair that quickly converted into a little step stool.

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