DIY Cool Pallet Wood Chair


Don’t you just love pallets and every project that involves them? The great thing about pallets is that they are so easy to handle and when they come into creative hands something stunning can happen. If you follow this site and other DIY pages, you probably already have some pallet furniture in your home or backyard. But we bet, that you don’t have a pallet chair, that you can install on your porch or in your garden and have a nice and comfy afternoon. Well, in order to make a pallet chair you will need: pallets, foam, leg and arm boards, screws and a drill. One of the pallets will be the base of the chair and the other one the back of it. You will have to carefully clean the pallets and them screw them together, attaching the arm and the leg boards. Then you can make or buy some comfy pillows and your chair will be ready. You can always add a personal touch to the chair, by painting it or applying a cool stencil somewhere on the wood. See all details in the link below..



A cool pallet wood chair anyone can make  –

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