DIY Covered Greenhouse Garden


If you’re as careful with your garden design as you are with your own wardrobe, then you might take a look on this nifty project. A DIY solution can help you a lot with your gardening, so we found the perfect Covered Greenhouse Garden you could make right at home. The building process is fairly simple and the materials needed are easy to find… 

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3 Responses to “DIY Covered Greenhouse Garden”

  1. Warren Roberts says:

    What kind of material is used to cover the frame, is it mesh or plastic sheeting?

    • Rhonda Farris says:

      They used 3.5 mil plastic sheeting that the wind eventually shredded. Then they used a breathable garden fabric called “Garden Quilt” from Gardener’s Supply.

  2. Bruce says:

    I want one 20’x 40′

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