DIY – Crochet Baby Converse


Every kid knows that Converse spells cool on your feet! But with trends and technology reaching children at an increasingly younger age, it’s better to have solutions at hand instead of making your kid suffer from social exclusion when the next best thing is in everyone’s pockets, hands or feet in this case, except his own. We present you in the link below the Crochet Baby Converse tutorial. Making a pair of this pure awesomeness will definitely make your kid stand out in the crowd. What does it matter if he or she in only 2 years-old? Style is something you learn from a young age, or very young in this situation. Use the photos to guide you through the whole process, each knot at a time. The yarn used should be worsted or 10 ply (9 wpi). The written pattern will prove a style-saver and a creative DIY project you can implement at home.



How to Crochet Nike Inspired Baby Booties




Crochet Baby Converse Tutorial by Suzanne Resaul

2 Responses to “DIY – Crochet Baby Converse”

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m a granny of two boys and another baby on the way, my youngest grandson is six months and I’d like to make him a pair of Nike converse boots please could you send me a pattern

  2. jessica johnson says:

    I would like the pattern for 9 to 12 months. If possible a book form would help my granny is old

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