DIY Crochet Bobble Beard – Free Patterns


Crocheting is a relaxing activity and if you are a master in this field, this next idea will seem a piece of cake to you. Brace yourselves, as this can prove to be the most awesome and funny crochet pattern you’ve ever seen. In the winter, keeping you and your family warm is a priority for a crocheting enthusiast, as it is the most perfect time of the year to practice your hobby. With this next pattern you can create funny beanies that include a crocheted beard too, so both your face and head can be kept warm during the winter. You can make these beanies in several colors and sizes, and dress up the entire family. Beard beanies are also a great Christmas present as they are fun and cool pieces. To make them, follow the steps from the pattern and surprise your entire family with funny beards.



Bobble Crochet Beard Beanies – Free Patterns 

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