DIY Decorative Log Bench


If you wish to make your garden look good with a not that expensive piece of outdoor furniture, this is your lucky day. Also, you happen to have some logs at your disposal? Then turning a couple of logs into a beautiful handmade bench can be very easy! We will show you in the following photo-tutorial how to cut, shape and assemble the pieces of wood together in order to make the cute small bench you see on the website. The design isn’t that intricate, but the simplicity of the whole concept is what makes it attractive. You will need an electric saw and a drill as tools. You won’t require a blueprint, because the DIY project is simple to make. Just use the photos as guideline or tutorial and make sure the result is similar to the one featured here. Decorating your garden with some unique handmade furniture like this will definitely improve the overall design. And give your yard a nice personality.



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