DIY Decorative String Snowman


Making a cute piece of decoration at home couldn’t be easier than nowadays. The following DIY project will bring some joy on the faces of little ones and will help improve your decor more properly for the winter season. The materials needed for this job are ridiculously simple. With an ordinary balloon, ball of string, some glue and a couple of twigs, fabric and paper (for the accessories), you can make an entire snowman. The process might be familiar to those of you who made string lamps or vases. Hardening the string in glue with water and wrapping it around the balloon (in different sizes in this case) will result into the required pieces of the snowman. Attaching the parts (balls) together isn’t hard as well. Just sew or use the glue to stick one to each other. Follow the entire set of instructions from the tutorial and you will be the proud owner of a DIY Decorative String Snowman. Winter can come, you are ready for it! At least in terms of décor you can’t get any prepared than this.

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  1. Monique Perez says:

    I need detailed steps on making the snowman but can’t find the tutorial–please advise?

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